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Team A

8-4 record. SOS is #8 and RPI rank is 20th. Key wins include Xavier, Northwestern, and Ohio State. Loses are to Georgetown, UAB, Clemson, and Minnesota.

Team B

7-2 record. SOS is 23 and RPI rank is 7th. Key wins include VCU, Richmond, Wake Forest, and Radford. Loses are to Connecticut and Harvard. 

Based on the information above which of these 2 teams do you feel should be ranked in the TOP 25?   

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Useless College Hoops Informationů.

I like to pay attention to schools that play tough schedules. Here are the top 10 toughest schedules to this point….

1.       California
2.       Kansas State
3.       Temple
4.       Connecticut
5.       Duke
6.       Arkansas – Pine Bluff
7.       Washington
8.       Xavier
9.       Texas A&M
10.   Miami (OH)

Now when looking at the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll Top 25 (The AP poll doesn’t count because the media sucks) there are a couple of things that I would like to address.

·         North Carolina is not a TOP 10 team (and that is from a Heels fan). Not yet. Yes they have great depth in the front court, but the talent level that was supposedly suppose to be there... Well I have not seen it. John Henson is averaging a whooping 3.7 points, but what I do like about him is his defensive presence. He was a key reason for the win over Michigan State because of his length and the problems it caused for Summers’ outside shot. Dexter Strickland has shown signs of great ability. He is speedy and has a great knack for getting to the rim. He just needs to learn to control his tempo, and I have a feeling that will come over playing time. The freshmen that have impressed me the most are the Wear twins. It is almost like 2 Hansbroughs with range.  No they are not as good as Hansbrough, but they do play the same style. I would like to see them on the floor more frequently. Bottom line is that until this team gets a perimeter threat they will compete, but will not be complete enough to fend for another national title.

·          Why is Kansas still #1? Who have they played that even remotely matters? Memphis and Michigan? Come on. Texas has proven to the nation that they are the cream of the crop when it comes to the Big 12 and college hoops.  This week has proven this point. The Longhorns wiped the floor with my beloved Tar Heels, and then laid a whooping on Michigan State. Kansas won against California….CALIFORNIA…. You know the team that lost to Syracuse by 24, then Ohio State by 6, and then New Mexico by 8. Not exactly top caliber squad. Cole Aldrich might be the biggest waste of space, next to Duke’s Brian Zoubek and California’s 7’3 Asian dude. Kansas is top 5 but right now, not #1.

·         Tell me again why Butler is still in the Top 25? I know everyone loves to see a Mid-Major school do well, but get off the Butler bandwagon already. Sure they have played a tough schedule, but they have lost most of the those games. They are 1-3 against top 25 opponents, with the only win coming against Ohio State, and that was at home. One of the ranked teams they played isn’t even ranked anymore (Minnesota). This team may be a Top 25 team at the end of the season, but that will be because their conference is a freakin’ joke. I will hope that the loss to UAB will remove them from the Top 25, and if not I will have more to say about that.

·         This brings me to the last point of concern. What has Gonzaga done? I guess they played a hell of a game against Michigan State, but they lost by 4. They also lost to Wake Forest at home, and had a commanding lead in that game. Then they play Duke at Madison Square Garden and low and behold they lost by 35 points….35 POINTS… I don’t care who you lose to, you shouldn’t be a top 25 team if you lose to anyone by 35…PERIOD. They have beaten teams like Colorado (by 4), Wisconsin (by 13), and Cincinnati (by 2 in OT). Not exactly impressive in my mind. This is not the same Gonzaga team that has been around the past couple of season, so don’t just rank teams based on past performances (that includes North Carolina).

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Week 10 Power Rankings....

1 - Indianapolis Colts - The division is all but wrapped up. Now time to focus on obtaining home field advantage. Patriots are up next.

2 -
New Orleans Saints - Showed a lot of poise against the Panthers. The schedule is pretty week from here on out.

3 -
New England Patriots - With the passing game looking to be back on track the Patriots are no longer under the radar. The Colts are up next.

4 -
Minnesota Vikings - Let's see what a week of rest improved on this team. 3 game lead in the division has this team looking in great position.

5 -
Dallas Cowboys - HUGE win in Philadelphia. The Cowboys are in first in the NFC East. Can they keep it going?

6 -
Cincinnati Bengals - Another impressive win against the Ravens. The Bengals control the division. Can they all but seal it against Pitt?

7 -
Pittsburgh Steelers - After a sulggish start the Steelers have won 5 in row. Can they make it 6 and take back the division?

8 -
Denver Broncos 2 losses in a row have this team back to reality. They need to regroup because the schedule is still tough.

9 -
Philadelphia Eagles - The running game looked good, but the passing game was off against Dallas. Going to San Diego will not be any easier.

10 - Atlanta Falcons - 6-2 would be winning most division, just not theirs. Another big division game against Carolina up next.

11 -
Baltimore Ravens - The offense just did not move the ball, and the defense did not look great. Cleveland should be a good regroup game.

12 - New York Giants - Time for regrouping. Heading into the bye losing 4 in row is probably not a good sign. Will they get back on track?

13 -
Arizona Cardinals - The Cardinals won another road game. Let's see if they will show the home town fans they can win this weekend.

14 - New York Jets - A week off to prepare for this week's game against Jacksonville. They need a win to keep the Patriots in reach.

15 - San Diego Chargers - 3 wins in a row, and cruising. Rivers is proving he is clutch. The Chargers are now only a game back from Denver.

16 - Houston Texans - Tough loss to the Colts. Maybe the bye week will provide this team with a running back that can hold onto the ball.

17 - Green Bay Packers - 28 points against Tampa Bay would win more times than not, but not when your defense and special teams play terrible.

18 - Chicago Bears - This team has been outscored 113 - 75 since their bye. The offense and defense need to pick it up.17at San Francisco

19 - Miami Dolphins - Again they played the Patriot well. The lack of a passing attack will catchup with the Dolphins, if it hasn't already.

20 - San Francisco 49ers - Still going the wrong direction. This team has lost 4 in a row and their last win was against the Rams.

21 - Jacksonville Jaguars - If this team can play consistent football the rest of the season the schedule is very favorable. 

22 -
Seattle Seahawks - Funny that if the Seagulls somehow manage to beat the Cardinals this weekend they are only a game behind.

23 -
Carolina Panthers - Looks like the running game is really clicking. I still can't believe Delhomme is still the QB though. He's terrible.

24 -
Buffalo Bills - A week of prep for the Titans will hopefully allowed this team to be ready. Edwards says he's ready, but is he the answer?

25 -
Tennessee Titans - 2 wins in a row, and Chris Johnson has been a monster. Nothing spectacular out of Vince, but they are winning.

26 -
Washington Redskins - People keep harping on the defense…Last I checked they are 6th in total defense. The offense is the problem.

27 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Welcome to the NFL Josh Freeman. Sky's the limit, or could be if you get traded.

28 - Kansas City Chiefs - Good thing they got Matt Cassel. This team needs to start over they are just not good at anything.

29 - Oakland Raiders - Will a bye week help? Only if during the bye this organization got new owners and a new coach. Neither happened.

30 - Detroit Lions - 26th on defense, and 25th on offense. That is not a good combination. They do compete every week , which is good.

31 - Cleveland Browns - Why are they not playing Quinn? The season is lost, let the future of your franchise develop.

32 - St. Louis Rams - Coming off a bye week, and guess what? YOU GET NEW ORLEANS…Welcome back.

Another week in the books!
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Week 9 Power Rankings

  1. Indianapolis Colts - Hard to believe that the only TD thrown in the game was by a running back. A little adversity may be what they needed.
  2. New Orleans Saints - They are in perfect position in the NFC. Their remaining schedule is the easiest in the league. 16-0? Could happen.
  3. New England Patriots - A big divisional game coming up. Course the Patriots had an extra week to plan.
  4. Denver Broncos - Well they finally lost. Never easy playing the AFC North, and guess what…Pittsburgh is next.
  5. Minnesota Vikings - Brett Favre had never beating the Packers, and now he has never lost to the Packers. Impressive.
  6. Philadelphia Eagles - Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson might be the most exciting WR duo in the NFC…YEAH I SAID IT!
  7. Dallas Cowboys - Tied for the NFC East lead, they will get their chance to claim it outright at Philadelphia this weekend.
  8. Cincinnati Bengals - Having a week off could really help this team get ready for a big divisional game against Baltimore.
  9. Baltimore Ravens - Now that was an impressive win. Coming off a bye with 3 losses in a row. Are the Ravens back on track?
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers - Coming off a bye and taking on the Broncos. Let's see if they have the same success the Ravens did.
  11. New York Giants - This team is in a spiral downfall. The secondary is terrible, and not being able to stop the run didn't help either.
  12. Green Bay Packers - Another tough loss for the Packers. Getting into early holes is not a good recipe for success.
  13. Houston Texans - 3 wins in a row? What does this team think they are? Better than .500? Up next division leaders Indianapolis.
  14. Atlanta Falcons - To many turnovers is key moments of the game. They played well enough to win just didn't execute when needed.
  15. New York Jets - There is no excuse for letting the same guy return 2 kickoffs for TDs. Losing a game in which you out gained you opponent almost 4:1 has to hurt.
  16. San Diego Chargers - I am not sure that the Chargers can catch the Broncos, but if they keep winning they just might make it interesting.
  17. Chicago Bears - Well they definitely made a statement against the Browns. Arizona is next, and unfortunately they actually have an offense.
  18. Arizona Cardinals - All they do is win on the road. Evidently they want the fans to enjoy the success, just not at home.
  19. Miami Dolphins - Ted Ginn Jr.was the only reason the Dolphins won, and it only took him a record setting day to do it.
  20. San Francisco 49ers - Alex Smith is back, and playing like the QB they wanted when they drafted him. Can they win with him though?
  21. Carolina Panthers - This team is as good as anyone in the league. As long as that anyone has a terrible run defense.
  22. Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jaguars obviously didn't figure anything out over their week off. MJD can't do it all on his own.
  23. Buffalo Bills - Well the good news is that Terrell Owens finally did something. Too bad the Bills are still looking for a QB.
  24. Seattle Seahawks - The Seagulls are eating Alkaseltzer and exploding. Houshmandzadeh was not a happy camper…Can't be good.
  25. Washington Redskins - Well the  Redskins didn't lose this week. Now they go to Atlanta. Have they improved enough to compete?
  26. Kansas City Chiefs - Larry Johnson is suspended for 2 weeks, but the Chiefs have more concerns than lack of running. Pass offense anyone?
  27. Detroit Lions - At home vs. the Ram's and still couldn't win. Calvin Johnson needs to be healthy and quickly.
  28. Oakland Raiders - You gotta give them credit for playing the Chargers tough. There are just too many holes on this team to compete.
  29. Tennessee Titans - Well they will not be a 0-16 team. Vince Young managed the game nicely, but is he going to keep producing wins?
  30. Cleveland Browns - It was very telling of this team's season, as they scored a touchdown, but still managed to have the XP blocked.
  31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Coming off a bye to face and angry Packer team. Does it really matter who plays QB? Not with defense this bad.
  32. St. Louis Rams - Yes they won, but beating the Lions does not really constitute removal from the bottom.

Well there you have ladies and gents. Feel free to comment.

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1 - Denver Broncos - 3.5 game lead in the AFC West going into the bye…WOW! - 2 - BYE

2 - New Orleans SaintsIs there a more complete team in the NFL? - 4 - at Miami

3 - Indianapolis ColtsDid the bye week bring some health to the ailing players? - 5 - at St. Louis

4 - Minnesota Vikings - A little luck never hurts, as they could be 4-2, but are 6-0 - 3 -  at Pittsburgh

5 - N
ew York GiantsA questionable secondary could prove costly for this team. - 1 - vs. Arizona

6 - Atlanta Falcons4-1 through 5, too bad they are in New Orleans' division - 7 - at Dallas

7 - New England Patriots - The offense has awoken, but are the Patriots really back? - 13 - at Tampa Bay

8 -
Philadelphia Eagles - No running game? The O-Line needs to play better. - 6 - at Washington

9 -
Pittsburgh Steelers - Can't seem to put games away, but they keep winning. - 12 - vs. Minnesota

10 -
Dallas Cowboys - This team ranks 2nd in offense, but has trouble scoring. - 11 - vs. Atlanta

11 - Green Bay Packers - A shutout is always nice, no matter who it is against. - 16 - at Cleveland

12 -
Chicago Bears - To many mistakes in the red zone, that needs to improve. - 8 - at Cincinnati

13 -
Cincinnati Bengals - Still tied for first in the AFC North, losing Odom will hurt. - 9 - vs. Chicago

14 -
Baltimore Ravens - Where is the dominant defense? Hopefully a bye will help. - 10 - BYE

15 -
Arizona Cardinals - All the sudden the Cardinals have a defense? Scary. - 18 - at NY Giants

16 -
San Francisco 49ers - Let's see how they respond after having a week off. - 14 - at Houston

17 -
New York Jets - Sanchez has 2 really bad games in the last 3. He is a rookie! - 15 - at Oakland

18 -
Houston Texans - Matt Schaub is playing really well. He has 14 TDs to 5 INTs - 22 - vs. San Francisco

19 -
Miami Dolphins - Can Chad Henne keep the Dolphins in the AFC East hunt? - 20 - vs. New Orleans

20 -
San Diego Chargers - When your defense can't stop anyone you will not win! - 17 - at Kansas City

21 -
Carolina Panthers - 2 in a row, and the running game has come alive. - 24 - vs. Buffalo

22 -
Jacksonville Jaguars - Nice to go into the bye week with a win. MJD is amazing. - 23 - BYE

23 -
Seattle Seahawks - Consistancy anyone? Not on this team 41 points to 3…WOW! - 19 - BYE

24 -
Washington Redskins - At least the defense is decent. The offense is awful! - 21 - vs. Philadelphia

25 -
Buffalo Bills - Ending the losing streak was key. How long will it last? - 26 - at Carolina

26 -
Oakland Raiders - Surprise…They can win, course the offense is still terrible! - 28 - vs. NY Jets

27 -
Kansas City Chiefs - The lack of a passing game has to be a concern. It will come. - 29 - vs. San Diego

28 -
Detroit Lions - Matthew Stafford needs to get healthy. - 25 - BYE

29 -
Cleveland Browns - Well the special teams play is good. - 27 - vs. Green Bay

30 -
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - I've got nothing! Neither do the Bucs! - 30 - vs. New England

31 -
Tennessee Titans - Well at least the Titans can't lose this weekend. - 31 - BYE

32 -
St. Louis Rams - This team couldn't even win the coin toss. OUCH! - 32 - vs. Indianapolis

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Power Rankings.....

These Power Rankings are compiled using the average ranking from 6 different Power Rankings (Mine, CBS, ESPN, FOX, NFL, and SI). My feedback is included next to the team....

1. NY Giants - Running and passing all over opponents. Manning to Smith is almost as good as Manning to Wayne.
2. New Orleans - The defense outscored the offense! Never thought I would say that about this team.
3. Indianapolis - Peyton just may have another MVP season. The defense is also coming around.
4. Minnesota - Brett Favre and Jared Allen put on a show. If the Vikings' offense can pass and run....YIKES!
5. Denver - Undefeated and stellar defense. This team is going to be a tough out.
6. Baltimore - Tough road loss, but Joe Flacco showed alot of poise in his late drive, just came up short due to the drop.
7. NY Jets - Tough day for the offense. That is going to happen with a Rookie QB, but the defense was still stout.
8 New England - Here come the Patriots. A nice win against a really good Ravens team. The running game was impressive.
9. Philadelphia - Are McNabb and Westbrook back? Hopefully the bye week allowed them to heal.
10. Atlanta - After a week of stewing over the loss to New England, let's see how this young team rebounds.
11. San Francisco - An absolute pumeling of St. Louis. Good rebound after the tough loss to Minnesota.
12. Chicago - Good to see signs of a running game. Jay Cutler is proving to be everything the Bear's were expecting.
13. Cincinatti - A win is a win, right? The Bengals of old would have probably found a way to lose that one.
14. Pittsburgh - Strong performance against the Chargers. Once the Steelers figure out how to close a game out....Watch out!
15. Green Bay - Aaron Rodgers had no help from a beat up O'Line, and still managed 384 yards passing. The need to get healthy.
16. San Diego - Luckily they have a bye week this week. The defense needs to show up, and the offense needs consistancy.
17. Dallas - Good thing they built that fancy stadium, because this team is not worth seeing live.
18. Arizona - Will this be the week the offense breaks out? I believe Larry Fitzgerald still plays for them, right?
19. Jacksonville - 2 in a row, and the Jaguars are now rolling. Can they keep up the momentum? Garrard is back to being efficient.
20. Houston - The offense is there. The real question is whether or not this team can win 2 in a row or not.
21. Miami - 38 points? Really? WOW! The running game may be the best in the NFL. What about the QB situation?
22. Washington - The have played 3 teams that they should have handled and lost one, and barely won 2. Something needs to change.
23. Seattle - Seneca Wallace gave it his all, but failed to score when the opportunity was there. Injuries are hurting this team.
24. Buffalo - Started the season with a lot of promise, and since have been unefficient on both ends of the ball.
25. Tennessee - This team was 7th in defense last season and 9th against the pass. This season they are 22nd and 31st.
26. Detroit - Stafford showed signs of life for the future, he just ran out of gas. If the defense could stop someone it would help.
27. Carolina - Can a bye week turn this team around? Guess we will find out. Luckily it is a home game.
28. Oakland - This might be the worst offensive team I have ever seen. 42 points in 4 games....Something has to change.
29. Kansas City - 31st in offense and 28th in defense makes for a long season. Matt Cassel really needs to shine, and quickly.
30. Tampa Bay - They had a chance for a win, and let it slip away. This is telling of a team that is struggling to find itself.
31. Cleveland - Who is Muhamed Massaquoi? Finally some offense from this drab team, but not enough to complete the upset.
32. St. Louis - Shut out twice if 4 weeks. The Rams are not the greatest show on turf, but more like the worst show on earth.

Well there you have it. Pretty simple, and pretty accurate (in my mind). Let's here what the rest of the world has to say!

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NCAA Top 25

1.       North Carolina – Well they sure made Michigan State look bad.  They have now played 2 ranked teams and won by 18 and 35…Doesn’t look good for the rest of the nation.<o:p></o:p>

2.       Pittsburgh – This team has still yet to play a quality caliber opponent, but they are also not struggling against the teams they are supposed to play.<o:p></o:p>

3.       Gonzaga – Dickie V stated that he believes this is the season that the Zags will make the Final Four… I am not buying it, but their start has been impressive.<o:p></o:p>

4.       Connecticut – This is the team that many think will give UNC the best challenge… I think UConn thought they were playing UNC when they almost lost to Buffalo… Oops.<o:p></o:p>

5.       Oklahoma – Didn’t think this team would be the head of the class in the Big Twelve, but the Griffin brothers are a force inside, and this team will go as far as the Griffins can take them.<o:p></o:p>

6.       Duke – The loss to Michigan was not good, but this team is still one of the best in the Nation.  Unlike UCLA they have actually played quality caliber opponents, and beaten them.<o:p></o:p>

7.       Xavier – Another year for the Atlantic 10 monster to be another overrated contender. The schedule is week, but winning is the key.<o:p></o:p>

8.       Syracuse – There seems to be no love for the Orange in the AP or Coaches poll.  This is why I make my own. This team could be a Final Four sleeper… Beware of the typical Orangemen blunder though.<o:p></o:p>

9.       Texas – The win over UCLA was impressive, and now they will take on, a personal favorite, the Villanova Wildcats. Abrams is really showing he has improved his all around game.<o:p></o:p>

10.   Villanova – The play that the Wildcats are getting out of Dante Cunningham is really an added bonus. We knew Scottie Reynolds, Corey Stokes, and Corey Fisher were scorers, but the added inside presence has really opened things up for this team.<o:p></o:p>

11.   Wake Forest – This team looks like it will be a real contender in the ACC.  Teague the sophomore sensation is a pure scorer.  He is averaging over 20 points a game.<o:p></o:p>

12.   Tennessee – Still the best in the SEC, course this season that is not saying much. The Volunteers have a strong pre-conference play schedule ahead of them, with the likes of Marquette, @ Kansas, and Gonzaga still ahead.<o:p></o:p>

13.   Memphis – The only quality team the Tigers have played was Xavier and they lost. They have Georgetown and Syracuse left on the schedule to show the nation they are a legit contender.<o:p></o:p>

14.   Ohio State – Looks like the rest of the Big Ten has fallen to the grave. In steps the Buckeyes to show them what’s up. With wins at Miami (FL) and Notre Dame this team has proven you can’t forget about the Buckeyes.<o:p></o:p>

15.   Georgetown – People are comparing Greg Monroe to the likes of Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert. This freshman has really stepped in a done a great job for the Hoyas. Can he bring them back to another Final Four?<o:p></o:p>

16.   Clemson – The typical Tiger start is in full effect. The win over the Fighting Illini on the road was a good win. It also may be their only quality win before conference play, and we all know what happens to the Tigers once conference play starts…..A FLOP.<o:p></o:p>

17.   Dayton – Another Atlantic 10 team trying to play spoiler. Will this team actually be able to contend against Xavier for the conference title? The win over Marquette states “YES”<o:p></o:p>

18.   Baylor – Here is a surprise Big 12 team that is well under the radar, but making a little noise with its start. Their only loss was to Wake Forest, but they had a big win over Arizona State prior to that game.<o:p></o:p>

19.   Butler – Here come the Bulldogs. Every year they are the true term of a possible bubble buster.  They play Ohio State on December 13<sup>th</sup> and a win will have them back in the mix of bursting someone’s bubble.<o:p></o:p>

20.   Michigan – This team beat UCLA when they were (overrated) #4 and Duke when they were ranked #4. The only losses were to Duke, in a tournament Championship game and @ Maryland who crushed Michigan State. The Wolverines may be back!<o:p></o:p>

21.   Marquette – The best team in Wisconsin. The win over the Badgers was a good win to get this team back in the mix.  They get Tennessee on the 16<sup>th</sup> for another chance at a quality win.<o:p></o:p>

22.   Arizona State – Tough to believe that this is the best team in the Pac 10 right now. They can ease into conference play with a fairly easy schedule.<o:p></o:p>

23.   Michigan State – Well this team does only have 2 losses, but unfortunately they were both to ACC teams, and by an average of 26.5 points (18 to Maryland, 35 to North Carolina). This team has some injuries to overcome, and then they may be the team everyone expects.<o:p></o:p>

24.   Florida State – Here comes another ACC gem.  The Florida Gators were this team’s latest victim, and have this team starting the season at 8-1. Could the Seminoles finally get back to the NCAA Tournament? <o:p></o:p>

25.   Kansas – The early loss to Syracuse had many people doubting, but this team has rebounded nicely.  They have won their last 4 games by an average of 26 points.<o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>

On the outside looking in: Missouri, Louisville, BYU, Minnesota, Northwestern, Illinois, Davidson, Miami (FL), Wisconsin, Purdue, Evansville, Maryland, Utah, Florida, Notre Dame.<o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>

Dropped from the rankings: Notre Dame, Purdue, Miami (FL), Illinois, Florida, Wisconsin
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NFL Rankings Week 11

  1. Tennessee - Wow they can win through the air?  That is an eye opener. This team has played well in the last 3 games, beating Indianapolis, Green Bay, and Chicago. Now they get a re-match game against the Jaguars.
  2. NY Giants - Impressive win against the Eagles.  This team is seperating themselves from the rest of the NFC. Up next is a pesky Baltimore team that is on a roll.
  3. Carolina - Nothing impressive about the win over the Raiders. Delhomme struggled, and Steve Smith only had one catch. The defense is looking good, and will keep this team in most games. Detroit is next.
  4. Washington - After a bye week they will get the Cowboys at home.  They will need to win this game to stay close to the Giants.
  5. Tampa Bay - Another bye team getting a interesting matchup, they will play the Vikings at home.  They too will need to win to stay close to the Panthers.
  6. Pittsburgh - Tough loss to the Colts.  If Ben Roethlisberger doesn't start improving this team could lose the division to Baltimore. The schedule doesn't get a ton easier as the Chargers come to town in a must win game for them.
  7. Philadelphia - Even after the loss to the Giants this team is still one of the best in the league.  The NFC East is stacked, but a little help and the Eagles could be soring to the playoffs again. Luckily they get Cincinnati this week.
  8. Dallas - If Romo is healthy the game against the Redskins will be a great game, if not another loss is in the cards for these struggling Cowboys.
  9. Chicago - Way to stop the running attack of Tennessee.  Evidently they forgot about the receivers though and let Kerry Collins scorch them.  Big game against the Packers to remain atop the NFC North.
  10. Atlanta -  Impressive win over the Saints.  Who would have thought that the Falcons would be playoff contenders this far into the season. They get Denver at home. Looks like another big game for Michael Turner.
  11. Arizona - They did win on Monday night, but it was not at all pretty.  Thank goodness the 49ers decided to run the ball 2 straight times when at the 2 yard line. Gifts come in mysterious packages.
  12. Minnesota - Childress finally beat the Packers.  Adrian Peterson finally had a breakout game. If they can just get "Old Man" Frerotte to throw the ball to the right team this team will be in business.
  13. Baltimore - Strong win over the Texans. Flacco is really impressive. Now what will they have up their sleeves for the Giants? It wil have to be something special.
  14. Indianapolis - Good wins over the Patriots and Steelers have this team looking good.  The offense is still a little off, and Marvin Harrison dropped some pass that were not typical. They go for 3 in a row against the Texans.
  15. New England - Still the team to beat in the AFC East.  They can improve their standings with a win over the Jets on Thursday. The QB position is the most important in Foxborro.
  16. Green Bay - Tough loss to the Vikings. Aaron Rodgers looked terrible.  They will need to win against the Bears to keep the slim playoff hope alive.
  17. Miami - Can you believe this team has won 3 in a row? They are clicking on all cylinders and looking good.  It's like Chad Pennington has new life.
  18. NY Jets - I will be the first to admit, I did not see a 47-3 whooping of St. Louis coming. Brett Favre didn't have to break a sweat in this game. Still don't believe all the hype, but a win over New England could shut me up.
  19. Cleveland - Let one against Denver slip away. I still believe this team is a lot better than its record. They get a slipping Buffalo team on Monday Night.  We will see what Quinn is like with a fromidable defense.
  20. New Orleans - Just can't seem to get going.  Another season with high expectations not met. From here on out they will just be playing for pride. No playoffs for them though.
  21. Denver - Hard to believe that they are leading the division.  The win over the Browns was much needed, but the defense still has a lot to be desired. A win against the Falcons will impress everyone, but I don't think it is likely to happen.
  22. Jacksonville - Well they didn't let another winless team get their first win.  They actually took care of business, and did it early.  The running attacked looked strong.  Will they have enough confidence to beat the Titans?
  23. Buffalo - The love for the Bills has diminished. This team just can't win any more.  A must win game against the Browns this Monday.  A loss and another season of missing the playoffs is likely.
  24. San Diego - They should send Herm Edwards a thank you card for the call at the end of the game.  Will this team's defense ever show up? The offense hasn't exactly been spectacular either.
  25. St. Louis - Ouch! That game against the Jets had to hurt. Next up San Francisco.  Can they beat a division foe?
  26. Houston - This teams value is only going to drop as long as they have Sage Rosenfels at QB. They will get a rematch against the Colts, but they will need a better effort out of Sage if they want to compete.
  27. Oakland - The defense actually looked decent in the game against the Panthers.  Too bad the offense is non-existant. Al Davis' antics are never going to help this team improve.
  28. Seattle - Don't think this is what Mike Holgren had in mind of a last season in Seattle.  The loss of Hasselbeck has really hurt, and the fact that they have little play makers on the offensive side of the ball.
  29. Kansas City - This team has been one play away from winning 3 in a row. The quality play of Thigpen in impressive, would have liked to see a chance for them to win in OT, but it is what it is.
  30. Cincinnati - Let see if the bye week helped at all.  Palmer is looking to be out for the season, and Fitzpatrick has shown signs of impressiveness.
  31. San Francisco - J.T. O'Sullivan sidelined, and in comes Sean Hill.  Last night it looked like the same ole, same ole.  The turnovers and bad decision making cost them the game.
  32. Detroit - 0-16 is looking promising.  Not sure who on their remaining schedule they are going to beat. 
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